Pat Southwood  - Norfolk potter 

I try to use local materials as much as I can, this originally started with a collaboration with Creative Arts East when I used reclaimed thatching reed to create an ash glaze that could only have come from it's original source material, reeds grown, harvested and used on a Broadland house. 

Following on from this, restoration work being undertaken at a nearby Broad produced silt as a waste material, gleefully siezed on by myself as another means of bringing together form, firing and place.

Whilst I have long had admiration for those who have access to a large firing crew, working alone in rural Norfolk means that I have had to develop my own ways and means of wood firing and to work with what I have, rather than what I would like. Using a kiln based on the Fred Olsen fast fire design means that I can fire solo for as long as my stamina holds out.   

A small kiln, along with a plentiful supply of reclaimed kiln dried wood gives me the freedom to fire frequently, leading to greater experimentation. 


1996 - 1999

Anglia Ruskin College Cambridge

B.A  (hons.) Ceramic Design

2000 - 2001

University of East Anglia

Cert. Ed.

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07704 848610

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